StoneWood Crossing Residents Oppose Hospital Site

About two-dozen residents of Broken Arrow’s StoneWood Crossing have begun to voice concerns to the Broken Arrow Planning Commission about the site of the future St. John Medical Center-Broken Arrow.
Resident Ted Waldorf said his worries are “quality of life” issues based on the size and scope of the project.
“This will be virtually the size of Woodland Hills Mall, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” Waldorf told the Broken Arrow Ledger. “The heliport will have traffic all hours of the night.” He wants a 300-foot buffer between his property and the St. John perimeter.
“This will destroy our property values and our way of life,” Waldorf said. “We’re not happy about this at all.”
One resident asked for a “no-fly” zone over the neighborhood, and expressed worries about crime, trash and traffic in the neighborhood once the project is under way. Another asked for the project’s biggest buildings to be moved toward the center of the property, farther from the north side, which abuts StoneWood Crossing.
Justin Cook of Cook & Associates Engineering Inc., told the residents the flight plan is governed by the Federal Aviation Administration, and “… it (St. John) will not be a trauma hospital. There will be few flights. It’s not like St. John downtown.” He said the hospital will employ 250 for all shifts and about 20 doctors.
“The goal is to have a 50-foot natural buffer on the north side, and 30 feet on the west,” Cook said. “When you include the street (which will run along the north side of the project), the buffer will be closer to 100 feet.”
Johnnie Parks, chairman of the commission, reminded the residents, “… this property was always a commercial endeavor and was already in place,” when they purchased their homes.
“The only thing we’re changing is the multi-family zoning (on a small parcel in the northeast corner of the project) to a hotel area,” Parks said, and suggested the residents talk with the engineering firm about their concerns to work toward possible compromises.
According to Cook, construction will begin in early 2008 and will be built by Broken Arrow Development LLC, which also owns Owasso’s St. John facility. The facility will be at the northwest corner of Elm (161st Street) and Albany (61st Street).
The site plan also includes space for several commercial ventures.

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