Stranger Than Fiction

We shook our heads when we read the headlines recently about the latest lawsuit against Oral Roberts University.
An accountant, formerly employed at Oral Roberts University, recently revised a lawsuit claiming that every year more than $1 billion was funneled through the university.
We knew we had read something like that before and then recalled a 12-year-old novel describing a terrorist organization using the “Tulsa Bible College” to launder money for its activities.
The book, “Final Jihad,” written by Tulsan Martin Keating, seemed to be re-playing in the news.
“I know. Spooky,” Keating wrote in a reply to an e-mail sent by a reporter.
The brother to former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating said others have been pointing it out to him, too.
Of course, nothing has been proved in the lawsuit and Keating’s book is fiction.
Several aspects of the “Final Jihad” plot actually happened — including terrorists using airplanes as missiles.
Today, some people are convinced Keating knew something “way back when,” he wrote.
“Geez, can’t a guy just have a vivid imagination?”

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