Study: Stable U.S., Oklahoma Hiring Outlook for Q1 2007

U.S. employers are set to enter the new year with a steady hiring pace similar to the past two years, according to the seasonally adjusted results of the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, conducted quarterly by Manpower Inc.
Of the 14,000 U.S. employers surveyed, 23% expect to add to their payrolls during the first quarter of 2007, while 11% expect to reduce staff levels. Sixty percent expect no change in the hiring pace, and 6% are undecided about their hiring plans.
The seasonally adjusted survey results show that employers in the Non- Durable Goods Manufacturing, Wholesale/Retail Trade and Services sectors remain confident and foresee little change in the hiring pace compared to the fourth quarter. Hiring is expected to improve slightly in the Education and Public Administration sectors, and Mining employers foresee a more notable, albeit modest, improvement in the employment landscape.
In four of the 10 industry sectors surveyed, employers expect weaker hiring activity in the first three months of 2007 versus the final quarter of 2006. These sectors include Construction, Durable Goods Manufacturing, Transportation/Public Utilities and, especially, Finance/Insurance/Real Estate.
On a local level, business managers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City indicate continued growth during the first quarter of next year.
Fifty percent of managers in Tulsa say they expect to add jobs. Thirty seven percent expect no change in staffing.
Thirty percent of Oklahoma City managers expect to add workers during the first three months of 2007 while fifty seven percent expect no change.

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