Sunoco to Build New Coke Facility

Sunoco, Inc., has announced that Gateway Energy and Coke Company, a wholly owned subsidiary and an affiliate of SunCoke Energy, Inc., will build a heat recovery coke manufacturing facility in Granite City, Illinois.

A long-term contract to supply metallurgical-grade coke and steam to U.S. Steel has been executed.

The new coke facility will include 120 heat recovery ovens capable of producing approximately 650,000 tons of screened blast furnace coke per year which will be sold to U.S. Steel under a 15-year contract. The coke facility will also supply steam to a new cogeneration plant that will be built, owned and operated by U.S. Steel.

Construction of the coke facility is expected to begin May 5, 2008 and take approximately 18 months.

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