Superior Oil Drills New Oklahoma Well

Superior Oil and Gas Co. announces, “We have commenced drilling on our next prospect, the Lonesome River Prospect,” said Dan Lloyd, president of Superior. “Drilling is already down to 3,000 feet, of its 9,500 foot total target depth, in its test well in Section 1-T19 N-R10W, Blaine County, Oklahoma. The well should be at contract depth in about 30 days,” he stated.

Announced on November 8, 2006, Superior nears completion of its Windy Vista Well No. 1 in Garfield County, Oklahoma. With its partners, Robson Energy of Phoenix, AZ and HOCO Drilling of Edmond, OK, Superior is encouraged by its initial findings after completing the well in the Mississippian Formation. Several other promising zones are to be tested up the hole at shallower depths before completion efforts are concluded. Further results should be reported within the next 30 days. Superior intends to drill a minimum of three additional wells in this field.

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