Survey Reaches Broad Demographics

PLANiTULSA is a self-proclaimed communitywide initiative to revamp the 30-year-old city master plan with “an emphasis on inclusive citizen engagement.” To that end, the initiative has been fairly successful.
The most recent poll, in which 5,887 respondents took part, 4,339 through an online form and 1,548 by paper, representing roughly 1.5 percent of the city’s population, covered a broad spectrum of ages and ethnic groups.
Of those responding, 70 percent were white, 19 percent African American, 4 percent Native American, 3 percent Hispanic and 1 percent Asian. With the exception of the Hispanic population, those percentages roughly match the ethnic makeup of Tulsa.
Atypically well-represented among respondents were those in post-boomer generations, aged 19 to 49 years. Of those responding, 58 percent were among this group.
The survey was not, however, responded to evenly by neighborhood. Forty percent of respondents were in the Midtown area, while only 4 percent were in West Tulsa. Regardless of this disparity, officials thought the results of the survey were still fairly representative of Tulsa’s wishes.

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