Survey Says: Time for a New Tulsa

Tulsans were offered a glimpse of the future as city officials gathered in the lobby of the BOK Center to announce the results of the completed PLANiTULSA survey. Their intention is to announce a rough “vision statement” by mid-September and a full draft of a comprehensive land plan by January.
While no official details of the plan were announced, judging by the survey, it will focus on the same two points promoted by planners for several years: Better public transportation and a strong, vibrant downtown.
This time, however, the forward-looking course seems to have the approval of the city.
Of those surveyed, 49 percent favored a Scenario D on the survey, in which Tulsa develops as a centered city with a strong downtown. Around the same number chose this scenario as the one most likely to provide their families expanded access to good-paying jobs within the city and create the type of housing options desired by Tulsans.
Notably, the type of housing preferred by the majority of Tulsans, 52 percent of those responding, is an existing single-family neighborhood.
Public transportation was also an important consideration included in Scenario D. Forty-eight percent of respondents favor building a light rail/streetcar system.
Respondents also chose Scenario D as the one that creates a lively and interesting city that attracts and keep young people, makes it easy to access parks, the river and open space and results in a future for Tulsa they are excited about.
What that vision of the future will look like will be largely left up to the team of planners in charge of the project, who said the survey results weren’t a winner take all, but would all be taken into consideration when mapping Tulsa’s future.
“We had Scenario A, B, C and D,” said Mayor Kathy Taylor. “Now it is time for Scenario T, ‘T’ for Tulsa.”

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