Suzuki SX4 Beats High Gas Prices with a Ton of Fun

While the Suzuki SX4 is very small, it is amply adequate for a four-passenger sedan with a slightly bulbous body.
That description also fits quite a few other examples of the current crop of economy cars streaming across both oceans to meet U.S. buyer demands for more, less-thirsty modes of transport.
Although some domestic carmakers apply “economy” labels to their models, ‘economy’ is more in word than deed. To obtain impressive mileage numbers significantly above 30 miles per gallon, a serious mileage-minder will likely have to shop the imports.
General Motors offers the Chevy Aveo, hatchback and sedan, with similarly economical performance, but it is the lone American entry in a growing group of gas savers such as the VW Rabbit, Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, and models of the KIA, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru and our current test subject. The surprisingly hot little Suzuki SX4 Pocket Rocket can attain meaningful levels of high mileage above the 30 miles per gallon mark and perform with surprising snap. Our test car provided an impressive 36 mpg on one tank, primarily on the highway, and 32 mpg, driven hard in traffic mixed with some highway commuting. For only $15,270, loaded with so many standard features, there is little else to add, the SX4 is an outstanding value.
Equally as impressive as mileage, is the SX4’s ability to go! On the test track, the SX4 is quite stable at 110 miles an hour, and it gets there fast. The heart of SX4’s economy with performance is the engine, a 2.0 liter, DOHC, 16-valve, inline four, producing 143 horses at 5,800 rpm, and 136 pounds of torque at 3,500 revs, through a five-speed stick shift on big, 17-inch wheels.
With four-wheel disc, anti-lock brakes under it, combined with speed-sensitive power steering, the result is a true enthusiasts’ kind of car. However, the real secret to making this little go-mobile scat, is keeping the stick churning to supply the power demand of each driving situation. That’s what makes beating high gas prices in this little green machine such a fusillade of fun, drive-wise! ?

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