Sweet Adelines Sets Guinness Record

Sweet Adelines International set the Guinness World Record for “Largest Singing Lesson” on Oct. 24.
The record-setting event coincided with the 63rd annual International Convention and Competition held at the Sommet Center in Nashville.
Sweet Adelines members are women who sing barbershop harmony.
The venue was packed with 6,651 women singing simultaneously during the 10-minute lesson.
Guinness World Records official adjudicator Danny Girton, Jr., presided over the certificate ceremony to validate the record and confirm that the achievement met the criteria set forth by the organization.
“We welcome Sweet Adelines International into the Guinness World Records family for its inspirational and fun achievement,” said Girton, Jr. while presenting the award.
Music professional and past Sweet Adelines International Quartet Champion Peggy Gram led the lesson by demonstrating techniques for integrating the voice into the art form. Gram called the experience of teaching the Largest Singing lesson “exhilarating.”

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