Syntroleum Founder on Glenn Back

Syntroleum Corp. founder Kenneth Agee was pumped last month.
The ultra-clean jet fuel he created had been successfully tested in a U.S. Air Force B-52 bomber.
The plane lifted off from Edwards Air Force Base northeast of Los Angeles with a 50/50 blend of the alternative fuel FT and traditional JP-8 jet fuel, which was burned in two of the eight engines on the plane.
During the test, Agee received a call from the Glenn Beck show in Los Angeles.
“They called and asked if he could be on the show that night,” said Gary Gamino, director of investor relations. “We drove the 70 miles to Hollywood and the CNN studios. We had about two minutes — of course Glenn does most of the talking.”
But the appearance gave Syntroleum national exposure.
It marked the first time that the synthetic jet fuel had been tested in a military flight demo.
This landmark event is a result of more than four years of successful research and development efforts with the U.S. Department of Defense, focused on producing a high performance alternative fuel for military applications.
Syntroleum is looking for business synergies with energy companies.
The Tulsa-based company licenses its patented gas-to-liquids process converting natural gas into synthetic crude oil by using air instead of oxygen.
The latest project Syntroleum is focused on is designing mobile plants for offshore areas.
“We hope that in three to six months we have additional changes in the story,” Gamino said.

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