TBJ Bucks Trend, Builds Revenue

While a recent New York Times article said newspaper advertising is “in its worst slump since the Depression,” the Tulsa Business Journal is building circulation and revenue.
National reports indicate newspaper advertising suffered by far its sharpest drop in generations during the first quarter of 2009, down 30 percent for some papers, and the industry news has been thick with closings, layoffs, cutbacks and furloughs, even for TBJ parent company Community Publishers Inc.
The TBJ staff, as well all CPI employees, including senior management, will take a five-day unpaid furlough between May 1 and July 31. At CPI, employees share equally across company divisions, whether revenues are up or down.
Meanwhile, the TBJ has implemented changes to better serve the Tulsa business community, and in the past five months has seen an increase in revenues 34 percent above year-ago figures.
Its April 27 issue, with a special pull-out section announcing the 2009 TBJ class of 40 Under 40, was a sell-out, with circulation doubled to 6,000, numerous calls and drop-ins for additional copies and street boxes emptied.
You have already seen the revised cover, making your TBJ easier to use with a handy index and more stories and providing another powerful opportunity to promote your business with a cover banner advertisement.
Inside, we have introduced a revitalized Guffey’s Report, making it easier to use with more news and additional information, including incorporations and warranty deeds. We have also introduced a variety of new advertising opportunities, including our Marketplace business card, classified, real estate and employment sections.
In a strategic partnership with the Tulsa Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, upcoming special sections will take coverage of the entrepreneurial process to new levels.
If you are already a subscriber to the TBJ E-mail Blast or a regular visitor to www.tulsabusiness.com, you have seen increased news coverage, easier access to information and added advertising opportunities.
With new sales reps on the street and subscriptions, both online and in print, growing daily, we have a target of a circulation of 10,000 and 32,000 readership in the next few months.
The TBJ is your pipeline to the greater Tulsa business community.

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