TCC to Establish Campus in Glenpool

Tulsa Community College and the City of Glenpool have entered into an agreement to allow TCC to occupy about 50 percent of the space of the second floor of the city hall for the fall and spring semesters beginning Aug. 1, 2008.
For the fall 2009, semester beginning July 1, 2009, TCC will have the option to lease all of the space located on the second floor of the building and the current police department portion on the first floor.
In the spring of 2010 and following semesters, the college may lease the entire building for a period of five years. The council chambers/court room will not be remodeled before July 1, 2009, to enable the city to use the courtroom and council chambers.
A lease fee of $1 will be charged annually until June 30, 2014.
The City of Glenpool will expand parking for the educational purposes required by TCC but any remodeling of the building cost are the responsibility of TCC.
The City of Glenpool and Tulsa Community College hope to establish a K-14 educational program to include the development of a shared high school – learning campus within the Glenpool area by 2015.
In TCC’s memo to the council, they expressed the desire to have students of Glenpool High School have the opportunity to graduate high school with an associate’s degree by 2015.

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