TCIM to Add 140 Local Jobs

TCIM Services Inc., a Wilmington, Del.-based call center business, announced today it will add 140 positions to its Oklahoma offices, primarily in Tulsa, where the world wide business process outsource company employs more than 700.
The new jobs, to be added in January and February next year, range from customer service positions for high-tech industry and financial services at an average hourly wage of $9-12, to sales and executive sales positions that are expected to net $80-90K per year, said Justin Horn, vice president of talent acquisition and development in the Tulsa office.
“TCIM has been growing considerably over the past year, and due to some really exciting growth with our Fortune 100 clients in the Oklahoma area, Tulsa specifically, we are going to be adding quite a few new jobs, adding considerably to the payroll here in Oklahoma,” Horn said.
“This is from growth of existing clients and new clients, so this is actually new work coming into Oklahoma,” he said.
TCIM has locations in Edmond and Norman; Paris and Longview, Texas; and Tucson, Ariz. The new positions are projected to add more than $1.3 million annually to the local payroll.
In addition, TCIM Services announced it plans to give back to the community by contributing more than $1,500 to the Toys For Tots organization on behalf of Edmond, Norman and Tulsa associates.
The company has operated an office in Tulsa since 1992 at 4115 S. 100th East Ave.
TCIM employs more than 3,000 employees companywide.

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