TDA Releases RFP for Crutchfield Neighborhood

Tulsa Development Authority released Requests for Proposals for 24 vacant residential lots in the Crutchfield area.
Located northeast of downtown, Crutchfield is one of the poorest census tracts in the city limits.
The RFP specifies three objectives for future residential development: Affordability to buyers, sustainability and quality of building materials, rationale on how [developers] believe their projects will succeed.
Further requirements include that the new infill housing must be of “market-competitive quality that can blend in to the highest quality. existing homes.”
Also of interest is the statement in the RFP that the “responder may propose purchase and development of one, several in combination, or all lots together,” rather than being required to purchase and present a plan for all offered lots.
Proposals are due to TDA no later than 4 p.m., Aug. 2.

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