TFA Receives Grant

Down the ornate marble stairs of the Kennedy Building, in an unassuming office with overflowing filing cabinets and crumbing pieces of vividly-painted terra cotta, is the lion’s share of Tulsa’s history.
The Tulsa Foundation for Architecture is an organization that “recognizes, records and encourages preservation of the built environment,” and in its small, cluttered office, at 321 S. Boston Ave., it has done just that, painstakingly preserving more than 35,000 architectural renderings, blueprints and actual pieces of Tulsa’s buildings, both standing and demolished.
The drawings are all one of a kind, hand drawn and excruciatingly detailed.
“It really shows the craftsmanship that went into these buildings,” said Lee Anne Zeigler, executive director and CEO. “That level of workmanship and craftsmanship can’t be replicated. All of these pieces are hand-drawn works of art.”
TFA houses original ink-on-lenin drawings of the Mayo Hotel, the Medical Arts Building, Warehouse Market, the Genet Building and First Place Tower, among others.
Recently, the TFA was awarded a $150,000 federal competitive grant from the Save America’s Treasures organization, which provides capital funds for museums, libraries, archives, historic structures and sites around the nation.
Zeigler said the grant will be used to preserve and conserve “at risk” collections.
“We have hired a certified paper conservator to come in and work on a lot of our more at risk documents,” Zeigler said. “Original documents from the art deco period will be the main focus, with the priority placed on buildings of national significance.”
The Foundation for Architecture is open to the public, and can be contacted at (918) 583-5550.

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