TIB Offers Banks Expanded Capabilities

Operating quietly out of the public eye in a one-man office in south Tulsa, a $1.7 billion-plus Texas bank is providing Oklahoma’s community banks with the ability to offer services beyond their normal scope.
TIB Independent Bankers Bank, 7136 S. Yale Ave., Ste. 304, has operated in Tulsa since 2001 as a correspondent bankers’ bank for many of the 260 banks in Oklahoma, recently expanding into western Arkansas, said Richard Gallman, vice president of correspondent relations, the sole employee at the Tulsa branch.
As the nation’s second largest bankers’ bank, with assets of more than $20 billion under management, TIB serves the correspondent banking needs of nearly 1,300 independent community financial institutions in 46 states. The bank has offices in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Georgia, Arizona, California and Washington.
The Irving, Texas-based TIB is well known to its customer base of community banks in the state, but not to the public.
“As far as the general public is concerned, we are pretty much under the radar,” said Greg Todd, senior vice president and director of communications. “With community bankers, most of them know who we are.”
“When I tell someone who I work for and what we do, they go, “Huh? I never heard of TIB, and I’m not sure what you mean when you say you are a bankers’ bank,” Gallman said. “We allow community banks to offer products that they probably couldn’t offer because of the cost of getting into those products.”
Services offered include check clearing services, loan participation and credit and credit/debit card products, he said.
“One of the big things is clearing,” Gallman said. “We have relationships with upstream banks where we have gained good pricing so we can save money for the banks on the clearing of those items. We also have different lending services that we provide. Banks are regulated as to whom they can lend money within their own organization, whether it is the officers of the bank or the directors. Many times we will make loans to those folks.”
One of the largest services of the bank is its card operations.
“We have one of the largest credit card and credit/debit merchant operations in the country,” said Todd. “Roughly one out of every 10 community bankers in the U.S. uses TIB for one or more of its card products.”
Card operations are in Dallas, Atlanta and Richmond, Calif.
In its loan participation services, TIB will help a bank complete financing that is beyond its normal capabilities
“Generally what happens is the bank will have one of their better customers come in who is asking for a loan that exceeds their legal lending limit,” Todd said. “We will look at it, and based on the criteria, we may take a piece of it, we may take all of it, or we may take a portion of it and sell it to other community banks to provide them with some quality assets.”
TIB markets its services face-to-face.
“I walk in and meet with the president and the cashier of the bank,” Gallman said. “I try to visit with each of the community banks in Oklahoma at least three times a year.”
“We are pretty old-fashioned about it,” Todd said. “The vast majority of our contact with customers is going to come one-on-one. We are going to meet them in their banks. That’s the way they do business in their small communities, and that’s what they have come to expect from their support. We are going to meet them where they live.”
TIB is not the only bankers bank with a presence in Tulsa.
The Bankers Bank of Oklahoma City has operated a Tulsa office manned by Perry Littlepage, senior vice president, for the past five years. The Bankers Bank is owned by more than 80 Oklahoma banks and does business with more than 240 banks in the state.

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