TU College of Law welcomes most qualified class

The TU College of Law has attracted the most academically qualified class of first year students in its history.

In each category reported to the American Bar Association, first-year TU law students had higher average Law School Admissions Test scores and undergraduate grade point averages. The class’s average LSAT score was 155, while the average undergraduate GPA was 3.27.

The median LSAT score shows a seven point increase since 2000 and the lowest-scoring quartile of this year’s class performed as well as the highest scoring quartile of eight years ago.

The numbers testify to the college’s focus on selectivity as a means to improving the overall law school experience it provides, said Janet K. Levit, dean of the TU college of Law.

“Our admissions staff has done a tremendous job of bringing in a class of talented, enthusiastic and intelligent students to the TU College of Law to further enrich the law school community,” she said. “The increase in academic qualifications shows our demonstrated focus on building quality while developing a student experience that is second to none.”

The law school also reported success recruiting minority students. Despite a national decline in minority applications, the TU College of Law increased its percentage of first-year minority students to 20 percent, up from 15 percent last year.

The class also represents and increase in female students, who represent 47 percent, compared to 32 percent just two years ago.

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