TU Inks Deal With NEPI

Papers were signed Tuesday formalizing the partnership between the National Energy Policy Institute and The University of Tulsa.
NEPI was funded with a $1 million gift by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and is dedicated to developing a national energy policy that produces energy independence and reduces greenhouse gases.
Senator Jim Inhofe and Congressman John Sullivan have been instrumental in outlining more than $700,000 in federal funding for TU’s work with the Institute, subject to the bill passage.
The partnership with The University of Tulsa provides NEPI with a headquarters on campus while utilizing TU’s academic and research capabilities to advance the organization’s mission and support economic opportunities related to emerging energy technology.
Ken Levit, executive director of the George Kaiser Family Foundation; Tony Knowles, president of the National Energy Policy Institute, and Steadman Upham, TU President, signed the agreement prior to the Chesapeake Energy Lecture.
‘‘We all know our dependence on imported oil puts our national security at risk,’’ said George Kaiser, Oklahoma entrepreneur and philanthropist. ‘‘We urgently need to start a rational national energy policy by scoring and ranking our strategies on the cost of reducing imported oil and reducing greenhouse emissions. Analyzing this with America’s best experts is NEPI’s first task.’’
NEPI began a project with Resources for the Future (RFF) an independent research institution based in Washington, D.C., and a national leader in energy, economic and environmental policy development.
The project seeks to score and rank strategies by cost of reducing imported oil and greenhouse gas emissions. TU representatives currently are exploring potential involvements that will advance the investigation.

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