TUL and Interspace Partner to Launch a Corporate Advertising Program

Tulsa International Airport has partnered with Interspace in creating a “corporate and community showcase”. That partnership will continue until 2014 and over the next few months Tulsa International Airport will be revamping the current advertising program to unveil more modern advertising technologies not before seen in their terminal. This revenue-driving concession is expected to increase airport return by up to 30 percent.

The advertising program will be state-of-the-art. Incorporating new and exclusive motion technology displays, otherwise known as scrolling signs and will reach each of the 3.3 million passengers who travel through ‘The Gateway to Metropolitan Tulsa’ annually.

Tulsa International Airport is one of only a dozen other North American airports to have benefited from Interspace’s industry exclusive technology displays and is the first to demonstrate their new Accu-weather news and weather stations.

Interspace and Tulsa Internation plan to highlight a range of business and attractions of the region, creating a showcase that will educate arriving businesspeople, convention-goers and visitors.

Interspace currently handles nearly 197 advertising campaigns worldwide, with a primary focus of airports in North America.

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