TYPros Recognize Member No. 2006

TYPros reached a milestone when member No. 2006 signed up this summer.

Desiree Franseen signed up online and became the TYPros’ 2006th member to

add her name to Tulsa’s next generation of leaders.

To mark the occasion, Marnie Ducato, TYPros chair and vice president of Rex

Public Relations, presented Franseen with an iPod nano.

Franseen, 22, a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a double major

in accounting and marketing, moved to Tulsa in June to begin her career at

the Williams Cos. as a compliance auditor.

“To reach more than 2,000 members in less than a year is phenomenal,” Ducato

said. TYPros is one of the fastest-growing groups of its kind in the

nation. “We have exceeded all expectations on growth and there are no signs

of slowing down,” Ducato said.

But with growth comes the challenge of keeping all 200 member engaged, she

said. “Keeping them plugged in, making sure we are connecting with these

people is exciting.”

Giving away an iPod came from a brainstorming session with the Chamber,

Ducato said, “When we hit the 2,000 mark, we tried to think of a way to

highlight the milestone. It is a fun way to commemorate it.”

The iPod represents a part of a new plan by Ducato and the Chamber to

communicate TYPros goals and objectives through Podcasts.

TYPros has not awarded other prizes for milestones, Ducato said.

“Obviously, we did it because of the 2006th members in 2006,” she said.

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