Talons Add Partner

Michael P. Johnson becomes a partner in Tulsa Pro Arena Football LLC, the operator of the Tulsa Talons.
The announcement will be made Wednesday afternoon.
“We are excited to have Michael join our organization.” said Henry Primeaux. Paul (Ross) and I know that Michael’s unique traits and experiences will assist us in bringing the Talons to new heights. We’re glad to have him as a partner.”
After looking at the top six teams in our league and what they have that we did not have in our organization, we found that those teams had several owners not just two. Mike Johnson, Bill Cameron and David Box give us the opportunity to reshape our organization for the future.
The Tulsa Talons are Af2’s most winning team with two National Championships in the 10 years of the League’s existence.
Michael Johnson will be involved in defining the Talons’ corporate culture. In addition he will use his local and national knowledge and influence in helping to establish the Talons’ position in this market area.
“We see Mike as helping to reshape our organization for the long term.” Paul Ross added. “His addition, together with Cameron Box Sports, will make the Tulsa Talons the most viable medium market sports franchise in Oklahoma.”

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