Tattooing Tulsa

“We’re not your run-of-the-mill tattoo parlor you see on any street corner in America,” said Steve Jones, owner of the new Precision Body Art tattoo studio at the 71 Centre Plaza at 71st and Memorial.
Jones aimed to create a business that serves mainstream customer demographics.
Jones took a cue from USA Today, which stated, “Today’s typical tattoo studio is clean and comfortable with tattooing areas that resemble medical-clinic rooms. The people who come in on any given day might be students, professionals, even senior citizens.”
Jones thoroughly understands this trend, according to a company release. PBA’s new location has the look of a trendy salon that aims to target all types of customers. Amenities include private tattoo rooms, industry-leading sterilization technology and VIP waiting rooms outfitted with flat screen televisions.
Jones has built the staff of PBA with “highly trained body art professionals.”
“They not only have the expertise to do extraordinary custom artwork, they also have the credentials to do it,” Jones said. “You can rest assured with the knowledge and experience PBA’s artists have.”
PBA hours of operation are 12-9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.

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