Tax Could Bring $2.8 Billion Return

According to projections released by the Tulsa Metro Chamber, a public infusion of money, earmarked for development along the Arkansas River could create a $2.8 billion return on the investment by 2014, the year the proposed 4/10 of a cent sales tax would expire.
The proposal, which would build two low-water dams, purchase property for private development and add pedestrian bridges, among other improvements, would attract an additional $450 million in investment by private developers, the report said.
The chamber also claims that the tax would lead to creation of $1.1 billion in salaries in the form of 9,450 jobs and have a total economic impact of $2.8 billion.
The tax, which will go to a vote Oct. 9, is expected to generate $282 million, which, when coupled with private funds, could infuse $393 million in the proposal.

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