Taxi Rates Drop From Tulsa International

Travelers departing by taxi from Tulsa International Airport will notice lower fares beginning today.
New taxi rates go into effect throughout Tulsa as $8 airport surcharge is eliminated. Also, not-to-exceed rates for meter charges including the flag drop and per mile rates go into effect.
“The new rate structure allows us to inform airport users of their expected fare before they leave the airport,” said Jeff Mulder, Airports Director. “With the elimination of the $8 surcharge, the rates are also more in line with average fares throughout the U.S.”
Taxi Not-to-Exceed Rates for meter rates:
Flag drop $2. The one-fifth mile rate is 40 cents. The wait time per minute will be 40 cents. The minimum charge will be $10.
The plus tolls and fees are $2 for an extra passenger and $2 per luggage per parcel.
Estimated Taxi Fares:
— Downtown Tulsa (about 10 miles) $24
— Southern Hills Marriot (about 19 miles) $42
— University of Tulsa (about 6 miles) $16
— American Airlines (about 7 miles) $18
— Tulsa Bus Plant (about 6 miles) $16
Estimates are based on one passenger with one piece of luggage.

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