Taylor, Cornett Support Tech Ventures Summit

City leaders in Oklahoma’s metros are teaming up to garner national attention for the technological talent in the state. Mayor of Tulsa, Kathy Taylor, and Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett are lending their support to the Technology Ventures Summit being held February 20-21 at the Tulsa Downtown Doubletree Hotel. The Summit, co-hosted by Oklahoma Capital Investment Board and Oklahoma Equity Partners, LLC (OEP), focuses on emerging technological advances from Oklahoma’s universities, private research labs and private companies. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce are also sponsors of the event.

“Oklahomans are making tremendous contributions and discoveries in the areas of biofuels, energy, nanotechnology,” said Mayor Kathy Taylor. “These areas are key to the economic development of Tulsa and Oklahoma City. We’re excited to host the Summit in Tulsa, but the focus is to showcase to potential investors the technological talent and breakthroughs happening throughout Oklahoma.”

The two-day Summit features a day of training for entrepreneurs and a day of marketing presentations from some of Oklahoma’s leading technology start ups, many with roots at the state’s universities and private laboratories.

“The Technology Ventures Summit is a compliment to the Bricktown Capital Conference held in Oklahoma City,” said Mayor Mick Cornett. “From an economic development standpoint, these two conferences cover two major areas of interest in the venture investment pipeline: TVS covers very early stage deals with a focus on commercialization of technology while the Bricktown conference covers later stage deals with a focus on biotech and aerospace. The two conferences will encompass much of what we have to offer in the state.”

Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes Magazine is the keynote speaker for the luncheon to be held on the second day of the Summit.

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