Taylor Transfers Control of Shelter

Mayor Kathy Taylor has announced that the oversight of the Tulsa Animal Shelter will be moved, effective today, from the Tulsa Police Department to the Working in Neighborhoods Department at the City of Tulsa.

WIN is creating four neighborhood liaison positions to work in each quadrant of the city, assist in the formation and strengthening of homeowner associations and coordinate City services with residents.

The move fits within the organizational goals of WIN. “Our goal is to increase our presence in the community so we can be more pro-active in removing blight, inspecting and enforcing codes, providing assistance and training and empowering the residents to work with us to address issues and concerns,” said Dewayne Smith, Working in Neighborhoods Director. The Department has studied the operations of animal shelters in comparative cities to implement best practices in Tulsa. Shelter management will work with animal interest groups to set higher standards and review mission and goals.

WIN’s goals and objectives for the shelter will address the city’s pet overpopulation problem, provide more opportunities for adoption of pets both at the facility and through a newly designed Web site, and more education on the spaying and neutering of animals. The WIN group will also collaborate with the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals on educational efforts and clinics.

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