Telecom Expands Tulsa Fiber Network

A Colorado-based telecom company, tw telecom, expands its fiber network in the Tulsa metro area.
No financial details were released.
During downtown street reconstruction, the city installed 4.5 miles of conduit that will be used to house fiber-optic technology for the broadband transmission of voice, data and video. The conduit system creates opportunities to lease the city’s conduit to private service providers, and generate a new revenue stream for the city.
The system provides access to 85 percent of the downtown businesses, creating incentive for businesses to locate downtown.
The first service provider to lease space in the fiber conduit was tw telecom.
“This additional capacity will enable us to deliver our high-speed, high-capacity fiber services directly to more Tulsa businesses that want to become more efficient and competitive in today’s marketplace,” said Brent Robinson, vice president and general manager for tw telecom in Tulsa. “Tulsa is a newer market for us and we are excited about the possibilities to deliver secure, reliable, next-generation communications solutions to help enterprises and organizations in the Tulsa metro area.”
Mayor Kathy Taylor said the additional capacity can support up to12 service providers.
“We welcome tw telecom to Tulsa. These are exciting times for Tulsa. We are opening new opportunities through advanced technology,” Taylor said. “Not only does this provide a new revenue stream for the City, but also boosts our economic development efforts and attraction of businesses to downtown Tulsa.”
While downtown streets were under construction, the city entered a public/private partnership with Easy Tel, a local fiber-optic based telecommunication service provider to coordinate the conduit installation with street work.
“We took advantage of the ongoing street construction downtown to work with Easy Tel to install the conduit at the same time,” said Ben Stout, the city’s Chief Technology Officer. “We not only upgraded our streets, waterlines, and storm drainage systems downtown, we also upgraded the technology infrastructure beneath our streets, through the creation of our conduit network. This also will reduce street costs in the future by minimizing pavement cuts and prolonging the life of the pavement.”
The additional fiber network capacity enables tw telecom to deliver Internet and data communications to the enterprises and organizations in Tulsa’s downtown business corridor, said Brent Robinson, vice president and general manager for tw telecom in Tulsa.
“Tulsa is a vibrant market for us and we are excited to be able to deliver our secure, reliable, and scalable communications solutions to help enterprises and organizations in the downtown area,” Robinson said. “tw telecom’s network and product portfolio help businesses in Tulsa and across the country become more efficient and competitive in today’s marketplace.”
“On Jan. 1st, Tulsa downtown businesses will have access to the tw telecom network and robust product suite,” Robinson said. “For instance, oil and gas businesses can now easily connect to offices in Texas and the Rocky Mountains over the
tw telecom network. This network expansion is a win-win for Tulsa and city businesses that need faster, more efficient communications; the ability to scale; and back-up protection for their networks in the event of natural or man-made disasters.”
Tulsa businesses also have access to tw telecom’s national 26,000+ route mile fiber network and 10 Gbps IP backbone for local, regional and national connectivity. tw telecom has more commercial buildings directly connected to its fiber network than any other non-incumbent communications provider, giving customers greater efficiencies in sending and receiving voice, Internet and data over highly secure communications networks and Ethernet platforms.

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