Thanks, Here’s Your Tax Bill

Harry Carbo of Norcross, Ga., works in the electric industry and spent six weeks in Tulsa in December 2007 helping turn the lights back on across the metro.
He worked an average 96 hours a week erecting power transmissions lines from Dec. 12, 2007, to Jan. 23, 2008.
Then he got his thanks from the State of Oklahoma — a $228 tax bill.
His wife, Jodie Carbo, is mad and not going to take it without putting up a fight.
“Oklahoma kept all my husband’s taxes that were withheld, except for $1,” she wrote in a letter to the TBJ, two other Tulsa media outlets, FEMA, the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, Ellen DeGeneres, Rush Limbaugh and Oprah.
For 2008, the Oklahoma Tax Commission withheld $498 but refunded the Carbo’s $68.
It wouldn’t be so bad if the state of Oklahoma taxed the Carbos on the money Harry made while working in Tulsa, but the OTC base its tax assessment on Harry’s annual income.
“All the other states that he works in, base their taxes on income from their state,” Jodie said. “Since he works in so many different states, if each state took a chunk of his income based annually rather than individually there would be none for us.”
“I feel this is very unfair since we are not residents of Oklahoma,” she said. “Something is seriously wrong since FEMA was also helping them (Oklahoma) and then they turn around and screw the American people who also went to help them.”
The Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency delivered about $30 million in federal assistance efforts.
The Oklahoma Tax Commission replied to Carbo’s complaint, re-stating the law that Oklahoma taxes non-residents.
“Part-year residents are taxed,” replied the OTC, stating Title 68, Section 2358 and offering what form to file — 511NR.
In 1997, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the method of taxing non-residents. The ruling came in response from a lawsuit a Dallas resident filed against then-Gov. David Walters.
Offered a chance to reply, the OTC did not respond by presstime.
Carbo feels after paying for toll roads and working 96-hour weeks, her husband is due a little slack.
“(But) your antiquated and selfish tax system shows me your appreciation for everything we did for you,” Harry wrote in response to the OTC. “Be assured that in time of need my crew will always respond to help the populous of the United States. But, as far as I am concerned, you can stay in the dark. God Bless the people of Oklahoma and may He guide them on election day.”
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