The Ones We Lost

A list of art deco buildings demolished.
??liss Hotel, 123 S. Boston Ave. Built in 1929. Architect: L. I. Shumway. Demolished Feb. 1973.
??elman Theater, 2335 E. 15th St. Built in 1938. Architect: W. Scott Dunn. Demolished in 1989.
?%9Genet Building (American Airlines Building), 914 S. Boston Ave. Built in 1930. Architects: Noble Fleming, Joseph R. Koberling Jr. Demolished April 1969.
?%9Halliburton-Abbott Building (Sears/Skaggs), 500 S. Boulder Ave. Built in 1929. Architect: Frank C. Walter. Demolished 1980.
?%9John Leroy Shakley residence, 7219 S. Evanston Ave. Built in 1937. Demolished; French chateau-style house built on site.
?%9Marathon Oil Co. Station, 201 N. Boston Ave. Built in 1931.
?%9Medical and Dental Arts Building, 108 W. Sixth St. Built in 1927. Architects: Arthur M. Atkinson, Joseph R. Koberling Jr. Demolished July 1970.
?%9Mid-Continent Oil Co. Station, 2102 S. Utica Ave. Built in 1931.
?%9Morrow Geophysical Building, 3345 S. Harvard Ave. Built in 1948. Architecturally demolished in the 1970s.
?%9Page Warehouse, 408 E. 13th St. Built in 1927. Architects: Rush, Endacott & Rush, Bruce Goff. Demolished Nov. 1977 to make way for onramp for an interstate expressway, which was never built. Site remains vacant.
?%9Palace Theater, 118 S. Main St. Built in 1935. Architect: Joseph P. Koberling, Jr.
?%9Silver Castle Restaurants, 15th and Peoria, Admiral and Lewis, Sixth and Main, 113 E. 10th, 11th and Indianapolis, Third and Denver, 5600 E. 11th, 2341 S. Quannah Ave., 3240 E. Admiral Pl. Built in 1936-40. Architect: Ora Overholzer
?%9Skelly Building Addition, 23 W. Fourth St. Built in 1928. Architect: Bruce Goff
?%9Tulsa Municipal Airport Administration Building, 6600 E. Apache St. Built in 1932. Architect: Smith & Center, Frederick V. Kershner. Demolished 1969. Building on site recently declared surplus by Airport Authority.
?%9Union Bus Depot, 319 S. Cincinnati Ave. Built in 1935 (remodeling and addition). Architects: Leon B. Center and Frederick V. Kershner. Demolished in 1960s.
?%9Will Rogers Theater, 4502 E. 11th St. Built in 1941. Architect: Jack Corgan, W. J. Moore. Demolished in 1987.
Source: Rex Ball, architect and board president of the Tulsa Art Deco Society

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