The Smoker’s Choice

Perhaps more than any time during the year, the holidays call for sharing a fine cigar with friends and acquaintances.
And for the cigar smoker on your gift list, there are some high-quality selections that are sure to find appreciation.
Russell Hurt, co-owner of The Cigar Box, with cigar bars at Stonewood Village in Broken Arrow and RiverWalk Crossing in Jenks, took Tulsa Business Journal on a tour of his humidor with some suggestions for this season.
At the top of his list of choices were the Ashton Classic ($10) and the Ashton ESG ($25).
“These are definitely high-end,” he said.
The Padrons fit in the medium-high-end and find favor with “people just starting to smoke as well as long-time smokers,” Hurt said.
Of those, the 1926 Series cigars range from $11-$21, depending on size. The 2000, at $4.25, is “a pretty good starting point,” according to Hurt.
Rocky Patel “comes on strong” with its aged series: 10- and 12- year at $8 and the Decade, at up to $11.50.
Among Hurt’s personal favorites is the Don Pepin Garcia ($8).
Quality lighters are also high on the cigar afficianado’s wish list. Hurt’s selections range from the Blazer butane at $24.95 – “a good entry level” lighter — to the Alec Bradley The Burner ($49.95) and the high-end Dupont X.tend with lifetime warranty ($200-$250).

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