The University of Tulsa College of Law to Sponsor Judicial Forum

The University of Tulsa College of Law Board of Advocates will sponsor an open forum for all judicial candidates of Oklahoma’s 14th Judicial District on Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. in the Price Turpen Moot Court Room at the University of Tulsa College of Law, 3120 E. 4th Place.

“This is an important and informative public forum,” said Robert Butkin, Dean of the University Of Tulsa College Of Law. “We are privileged to host our judicial candidates.”

The forum will be a neutral and objective forum for all candidates. Strict rules of decorum will be followed and candidates are requested not to distribute campaign materials. Candidates will be allowed to briefly introduce themselves before moderators begin posing questions.

Six offices are currently up for election, and all 12 candidates have committed to participate. Candidates William Kellough, Cliff Smith, James Caputo, Daman Cantrell, Gregg Graves, Thomas Thornbrugh, Deidre Dexter, Mary Fitzgerald, Deborah Shallcross, Jonathan Sutton and Dana Kuehn are all scheduled to attend.

Candidates will be asked questions relating to their judicial qualifications, experience and personal characteristics.

The forum will allow voters, and primarily students, an opportunity to become familiar with the candidates.

“Many times the judicial elections are overlooked because voters do not know how to receive information about the candidates,” said Brandon Burris, TU law student and president of the Board of Advocates. “This forum will provide them an opportunity to not only learn about the candidates, but also ask questions in a moderated environment.”

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