Tiger Drives Away with USAF Contract

The General Services Administration awards an $11 million contract to Tiger Truck.
The selection after competitive bid includes five different Tiger brand models totaling 863 vehicles to be delivered to U.S. Air Force sites around the world.
The USAF has been at the vanguard of the DOD services with an aggressive program to save both acquisition costs and fuel consumption by centrally coordinating the conversion of its large fleet of conventional vehicles confined to driving on post.
“This is strong testimony to our investors, our first-class workforce and supporters in Oklahoma, and our dealer network, all of whom contribute to keeping Tiger Truck at the forefront of this off-road and alternative energy vehicle segment,” said Mike Ward, CEO of Tiger.
As a result of delays encountered due to resolving protests in the course of this solicitation, the Air Force is behind its scheduled plan for deploying these cost and energy saving assets.
“Consequently”, said Ward, “we will be rapidly ramping up our production rate to assist the Air Force in fielding these vehicles quickly. We are fortunate that we built-in considerable capacity to expand our assembly operation that opened in July 2008. While our present single-shift operation can produce up to 35 units/day, we may elect to add a second shift in order to continue serving all our other customers well.”
Tiger Truck will be delivering its trucks and vans to the Air Force, all configured with automatic transmissions and E-85 FlexFuel engines certified by the U.S. EPA.
These models, from both the Star and the larger Champ classes, are assembled in Oklahoma from parts and material sourced globally, including the U.S., and are all compliant with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) as required by this solicitation.
Recently enacted elements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 place additional emphasis for federal fleet managers and others to convert their gas-guzzling fleets to more efficient alternative energy vehicles, such as Tiger’s.

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