Tooman, OKC Firm Merge

After nearly 30 years of operating independently in Tulsa, Tooman Partners LLC merged this month with Oklahoma City firm Grubb & Ellis|Levy Beffort, assuming the latter’s name.
Ken Tooman, the firm’s namesake and a stalwart of Tulsa real estate for 37 years, said he and his partners had been planning the move for some time and saw it as an opportunity for Tooman Partners to extend its reach.
“We have always operated as a boutique firm in Tulsa,” Tooman said. “As such, there was a lot of national business in Tulsa where we didn’t have an opportunity to compete.”
Tooman said widespread influence was an important consideration, not only for the firm’s current brokers, but also for the firm’s future.
“One of the things we have been discussing is succession,” he said. “We need someone to carry on what we worked to build, and in order to recruit the caliber of talent we need to do that, we have to be able to offer national influence.”
G&E|LB Vice President Mark Beffort said his firm’s intentions were similar.
“We have done business in Tulsa on a limited basis for 20 years,” he said. “We wanted a brokerage operation in Tulsa, and the timing happened to be right.”
Beffort said there were other considerations as well.
“We can’t disclose the financials involved, but the appeal of this merger wasn’t necessarily financial,” Beffort said. “We gain the seasoned individuals and exceptional reputation of Tooman Partners, and so much of commercial real estate is built on reputation and relationships.”
Tooman said he and Tooman Partners’ eight brokers are excited to be part of G&E|LB, but were a little sad to see the company name go.
“I started doing business as Tooman Partners in 1980,” he said. “After Sept. 1, that name will just fade away.” ?

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