TouchStar Successfully Completes FuelWare Upgrade

A Tulsa-based provider of mobile computing and field workforce automation, completes a FuelWare upgrade for the Canadian and Washington state fleets of on-site refueling and fuel management leader, 4Refuel.
This FuelWare upgrade enhances the automated delivery solution that 4Refuel first deployed in cooperation with TouchStar. A key aspect is the addition of wireless communications allowing 4Refuel to more accurately track its assets and provide their certified refueling professionals the flexibility to operate outside the vehicle while maintaining system connectivity and access.
“As a leader and innovator in our industry, technology is a key differentiator for us,” said 4Refuel vice pesident of Information Systems, Don Sadowski. “The FuelWare upgrade fully automates our fuel management system and will help us achieve greater productivity and efficiency gains.”
With FuelWare, each onsite fueling transaction is digitally recorded and made available on-line to 4Refuel customers, who can then analyze their fuel use. Fueling, vehicle telematics and engine performance data are all merged to create detailed fuel efficiency reports that tally each drop of fuel, track carbon emissions and help eliminate fuel misappropriation.
“You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and TouchStar enables us to measure what we need” said 4Refuel President and CEO, Jack Lee. “This upgrade and TouchStar’s ability to tailor the software to our requirements will play an important role to our future growth and expansion.”
“Our extensive relationship with 4Refuel and the experience that was leveraged played a crucial role in this effort,” said TouchStar Director of Applications Development Brian Bernard.

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