Traveling the Blue Roads of Oklahoma

Brad Mathison and Rex Brown tour Oklahoma by motorcycle for recreation. Two years ago they decided to start telling the rest of Oklahoma about their experiences out on the back roads of Oklahoma.
“This is something we do anyway,” said Mathison. “We’d go out for a couple of hundred miles or be gone three days. We’d come back and have these fantastic, wonderful stories.”
Nearly two years to the day after their commitment to produce a TV series, the pair will unveil the television program, “Two Wheel Oklahoma.” It airs at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 3, on Tulsa television KMYT-41.
Viewers will ride along as Mathison and Brown tour the state by motorcycle. The show will feature local festivals, unusual places and interviews with local characters.
“It’s not just a show about motorcycles,” Mathison said. “We just happen to be riding motorcycles.”
The pilot episode features Claremore and places like the Will Rogers Memorial.
“We want to show places to explore that maybe people have not seen — like the little cafe that they did not know was back off the road,” Mathison said. “We will keep the show about that — where we find the places that have been forgotten. Maybe not forgotten by everybody, but by the general public.”?

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