Trigen to Provide Heating, Cooling to BOK Center

The City of Tulsa awarded a 10-year, $1.3 million heating and cooling contract for the BOK Center to Trigen-Tulsa Energy Corp., said Keith Schmitz, Trigen spokesman.

Trigen Tulsa, a subsidiary of Thermal North America Holdings LLC, will provide the 18,000 seat, 550,000 SF, multipurpose arena with 2,700 tons per hour of chilled water and 20.2 million Btus per hour of steam and hot water service under the agreement, Schmitz said.

Estimated annual consumption for the facility is 3.47 million tons per hour of chilled water and 24,909 million Btus of steam and hot water.

The contract is based on natural gas prices and the Consumer Price Index, so the actual amount can vary, said Sam Kumar, vice president and general manager of Trigen Tulsa.

The Trigen Corp. is the largest owner and operator of community energy systems in the nation.

The Tulsa operation, purchased in 1989 from Oneok Inc., provides heating, cooling and hot water services to 32 commercial buildings — about 1 million SF — in downtown under a 20-year contract with the city. A five-mile underground distribution network feeds steam and chilled water to buildings.

The Trigen facility, which will be next door to the BOK Center, was selected because Trigen has provided years of reliable service to a number of major buildings throughout Tulsa’s downtown, said Bart Boatright, project director with Tulsa Vision Builders, the firm in charge of the arena project.

“We had a choice between constructing an on-site plant at the BOK Center,” Boatright said. “Or, using Trigen, and based on the cost savings and the ability of BOK management to focus on other operations besides the physical plant, we felt connecting up to Trigen’s community energy system was the best strategy.”

Working with Trigen will save the facility $1 million over the initial 10-year period and $500,000 during the 25-year period, Boatright said.

Opting for Trigen, Tulsa City and County officials showed their confidence and approval of the thermal services from Trigen, said Kumar.

In 1998, Trigen signed 20-year agreements with Tulsa city and county agencies for the City Hall and Convention Center. In 1997, the company signed a 20-year agreement for the David L. Moss Correction Facility, Kumar said.

“We look forward to tying in this exciting project with the Trigen district energy system,” Kumar said. “We are confident that the City will realize savings and renew their contract.”

Construction on the arena is in progress. The BOK Center is expected to host conventions and premier concerts, shows and sporting events starting in August 2008. ?

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