Tulsa AmeriSuites Undergoes $3.5 Million Renovation, Rebranding

Tulsa Hyde Park AmeriSuites has begun the process of becoming a Hyatt Place Hotel.
As part of the changeover, the hotel was transferred from the ownership of Hyde Park Hotels Inc. to that of Burning Hills Hotel LLC. Courthouse documents show a selling price of $7.5 million.
The 128-room hotel, which is located at 7037 S. Zurich Ave. in Tulsa, offers a fitness center, heated outdoor pool, laundry facilities, and 1500 SF of “flex” space, which can accommodate 100 patrons.
The hotel will lose two guest rooms as a result of a $3.5 million renovation, which is expected to begin in February and expected to last three months.
The renovations and rebranding have been in the works since December of 2004, when the Hyatt Corporation purchased the 143-unit AmeriSuites hotel chain from The Blackstone Group. %9
According to the Hyatt Place Corporate Website, over 120 hotels that will eventually carry the Hyatt Place name are in the process of rebranding, planning, or are currently under construction.

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