Tulsa Auctioneer Leads Colleagues During Capitol Hill Day

Thomas L. Williams, co-founder of the nation’s largest real estate auction firm, joins members of the National Auctioneers Association in Washington, D.C., for the annual Auction Action on Capitol Hill Day.
The event brings industry leaders from across the nation to meet with members of Congress to educate them about the quarter-trillion dollar live-auction industry and discuss issues of concern to professional auctioneers.
Participants this year educated members of Congress about the current foreclosure crisis and the current system for disposing of foreclosed homes.
Contrary to popular belief, professional auctioneers do not manage the sales of foreclosed homes at sheriff’s auctions. These auctions are conducted by government employees who almost never have prior auction experience, and typically result in the property being repossessed by the lender and eventually sold. Utilizing professional auctioneers could eliminate a wasteful step in the foreclosure process while saving buyers and lenders billions each year.
“I was honored to join my fellow auctioneers in Washington to discuss with members of Congress the foreclosure crisis impacting our country and educate them about the current system which is flawed,” said Williams. “There is a better solution available for homeowners and America’s taxpayers when selling federally insured homes at foreclosure auctions and I am excited to be part of the discussion and potential solution.”
Tulsa-based Williams and Williams is a national real estate auction company specializing in selling real estate via a ground-breaking system of auction. Separate sales divisions serve the corporate, mortgage banking, employee relocation, commercial, and trust industries with worldwide marketing services and modern transparent auctions for the ongoing value preservation and sale of owned assets.

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