Tulsa Banks Participate in OBA Summer Intern Program

Bank of Oklahoma and SpiritBank in Tulsa, participants in the 2008 Oklahoma Bankers Association (OBA) Summer Intern Program. are each hosting two interns for 10 to 12 weeks this summer
Anthony Daniel and Tulsan Renee Montgomery are interning at SpiritBank. Julie French and Eli Lavicky are interning at Bank of Oklahoma.
Tulsan Eric Allen is interning at JP Morgan Chase in Oklahoma City.
The OBA Intern Program is jointly sponsored by the OBA, the Oklahoma State University College of Business and the University of Oklahoma College of Business. This summer, the OBA is sponsoring a total of 16 interns at 12 state banks.
“Both students and the participating banks receive substantial benefits from the OBA intern program,” said Janis Reeser, OBA executive vice president for education. “Students gain valuable experience and assistance in determining future career paths, while the banks receive additional manpower during the summer months when regular employees take vacations.”
The OBA represents about 280 banks across the state, supporting the industry with a broad array of services including government relations, education, legal services, fraud training and communications.

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