Tulsa Club Building Owner Hit With $331,815 Judgment

A district court judge awards the City a $331,815 judgment against the owner of the Tulsa Club Building, 115 E. Fifth St.
%9The City has repeatedly attempted to contact the out-of-state owner of the vacant Tulsa Club Building in an attempt to gain compliance with fire, electrical, plumbing and building codes. The owner, Carl Morony, failed to remediate the problems in the building, which has been vandalized.
As a result, crews cleaned graffiti and damage caused by vandals and secured the building.
%9In May, the city filed a lawsuit against Morony to recover expenses and remedial civil penalties which have accrued to $330,000. The city incurred an additional $1,815 to serve a search warrant to enter the building, and for the cost of securing the building.
%9Repeated attempts to contact Morony by phone, mail and other methods failed, but Morony was served through a property agent in California.
%9In 2007, the city began an effort to address code violations at 60 abandoned or deteriorating structures within the inner dispersal loop, including the Tulsa Club Building. Vandals have entered the Tulsa Club building and defaced the interior and exterior of the building. City graffiti-removal crews removed graffiti from the upper floors of the building where it was visible to the public from the street. Residents of neighboring downtown buildings have asked for help in addressing problems they say are affecting values of nearby properties.

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