Tulsa Contractor Upping Ante on Green Efforts

Tulsa’s trend toward sustainability is growing, and one local construction company is climbing on board.
Flintco recently appointed project manager Terrell Hoagland to the role of director of sustainable projects, a move designed to establish the company as a leader in Oklahoma’s progress toward sustainable construction.
“It’s a big move in the industry to have a sustainability director,” Hoagland said. “A lot of corporate businesses are doing it, and, more and more, we are seeing our national competition doing it.”
Hoagland said a major part of his job has been greening Flintco’s internal operations.
“One of our recent strategic plans is to grow first better, then bigger,” he said. “This is to make us a better company.”
He has seen some success. Flintco recently became one of four companies nationwide, and the only in Oklahoma, certified under the Associated Builders and Contractors Green Contractor pilot program, which requires the establishment of sustainable practices in the corporate environment and on the work site as well as third-party inspection and verification.
“There’s so much waste that goes into construction,” Hoagland said. “No matter what we do, we are making an impact on the environment, but the goal is to minimize that impact. We feel that if we green our own operation, we’re going to help develop the infrastructure so that when we do get LEED projects we’ll be ready.”
In preperation for what Hoagland said is becoming the standard, he is compiling standard practices for how to handle all aspects of LEED projects.
“This way, if we get a LEED project in one of our offices where we haven’t encountered it before, we will have a manual that clearly outlines what we need to do, what we need to track and what we will be held accountable for,” he said.
Pointing to increasingly common initiatives like the state’s requirement that all state-funded construction be built to LEED silver standards, Hoagland said sustainable construction is quickly becoming the norm.
“As far as construction goes, I think it has become the overwhelming mentality that this is the right way to do things,” he said. “There are a lot of places in the country that building a LEED building is standard, and it is only going to increase.”

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