Tulsa Convention Center First Gala Booking

The Tulsa Convention Center partners with The Alzheimer’s Association, Oklahoma and Arkansas Chapter, to host the 15th Annual Tulsa Memory Gala.
The event will be held in the Tulsa Convention Center’s new Tulsa Ballroom March of 2010. It is the first gala booked in the new ballroom now under construction.
The annual event is one of Tulsa’s foremost non-profit events. It attracts 600 guests, many of whom have decision-making influence in the Tulsa community. In 2008, Memory Gala grossed $634,000, one-fourth of their annual operating budget.
“We are so grateful and honored to be the first non-profit gala booked in the new Tulsa Convention Center Ballroom, at Seventh Street and Houston Avenue. As our Memory Gala continues to grow, it is important to us to develop collaborative community partnerships such as this with the Tulsa Convention Center. This venue will provide the Alzheimer’s Association the opportunity to become a part of the downtown expansion, and we are absolutely delighted to be the first gala event announced for the new Ballroom,” said Tonda Ames, vice president of Marketing and Programs for the Alzheimer’s Association Oklahoma and Arkansas Chapter.
The 30,000 SF Tulsa Ballroom, a Vision 2025 project, will be complete in January. The staff at the Tulsa Convention Center is booking events in the new ballroom and the existing building is open for business during construction.
“We are honored to announce this important and prestigious event as the first non-profit gala booked in our new ballroom, the largest in Oklahoma. The Memory Ball is a perfect fit for our new space and will allow their event to grow,” said John Bolton, general manager of the Tulsa Convention Center and the BOK Center.
The expansion project will add 83,635 SF to the Convention Center. The Tulsa Ballroom will be divisible into two-thirds and one-third configurations. The north end of the ballroom can be converted into three meeting rooms. There will be seven meeting rooms adjacent to the ballroom totaling 8,592 SF. The meeting rooms are named after the districts of Tulsa: Greenwood, Cherry Street, Brookside, Blue Dome, Brady, Utica, and Riverside.
The new ballroom’s glass north wall will be angled to look out at the BOK Center. Inside will be an impressive 13,625 SF pre-function space with high ceilings and room for receptions, registrations or breaks. Guests can enter the pre-function area through the ballroom’s west doors where there will be a drop-off area.

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