Tulsa Executives Deliver Message to JA

Local business leaders will deliver the message that ethics is necessary to succeed in business and in life through the use of Junior Achievement of Eastern Oklahoma’s “Excellence and Ethics…an Executive Speaks” program. Executives throughout Eastern Oklahoma will convey the message to young people that responsible, ethical behavior is the cornerstone of the American free enterprise system.

With the seemingly endless reports of accounting irregularities and business improprieties, it is no wonder that trust in CEOs and “Big Business” is on the decline. A recent poll by USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup revealed that only 23% of Americans trust CEOs of large corporations. Junior Achievement recognized the need to address what and how children are taught about the role of ethics in business. According to a Junior Achievement/Deloitte & Touche USA LLP poll conducted by Harris Interactive, nearly one-third of teens surveyed believe you have to “bend the rules to succeed.”

Executives will visit approximately 550 Tenth Grade students at East Central High School on Thursday, December 7th. Participating executives include:

Bruce Binkley, T.D. Williamson, Inc.; Dave Cleveland, Communication Graphics; Joel Embry, New Medio; Nikki Hanna, Blue Cross & Blue Shield; Sharon King Davis, King Properties; Greg Lippert, Mazzio’s; Bobby Lorton, Tulsa World; Rick Loyd, Oklahoma Central Credit Union; David Merrill, Unit Corp.; Chip Meyers, Cingular Wireless; Gil Morris, Hilti; Tim Paul, Bama Properties; Jeff Reasor, Reasors; Joe Schulte, Southwood Landscape; Bill Schonacher, IBC Bank; Dick Williamson, T.D. Williamson, Inc.; Steve York, York Electronics

These business leaders will share basic values and beliefs as well as engage students in discussion on the role of ethics in their school life and in their own personal and business dealings. JA’s goal is to have these students take part in JA programs throughout their high school education. “Excellence and Ethics…an Executive Speaks” program is a continuation of last year’s program, “Economics for Success,” which the students took part in as freshman. These programs are a direct result of the partnership between Junior Achievement, the Mayor’s Job Program, and the East Tulsa Prevention Coalition.

Junior Achievement of Eastern Oklahoma’s mission is “Preparing Students for the Economics of Life!” More than 31,000 students in Eastern Oklahoma will participate in elementary, middle and high school programs in the 2006-2007 school year.

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