Tulsa Health Network Announces Plan

An consortium of local health care providers and organizations known as the Greater Tulsa Health Access Network, will launch Health Information Exchange across Tulsa for healthcare quality, access and the convenience and safety of patients.
These efforts have been further encouraged by the need to respond to a federal mandate for HIE in the Tulsa region.
Much of the Greater THAN planning team, which consisted of more than 200 leaders from the local healthcare community, reported their progress in a meeting at Tulsa’s City Hall at OTC.
“Tulsa is the largest city in the United States without a public hospital,” said Mayor Kathy Taylor. “And Oklahoma ranks 50th in overall healthcare quality, and 51st in care given to children, according to the Commonwealth Fund reports of 2007 and 2008. Recognizing these concerning statistics, Tulsa’s regional healthcare community has focused on the local level and developed an effective plan to use cutting edge technologies to improve access to healthcare and decrease costs while meeting the federal mandate for health information exchange”
Health Information Exchanges have been demonstrated to reduce healthcare costs and improve quality.
Federal stimulus legislation mandates that a Health Information Exchange should be implemented in U.S. communities by 2011.
In recognition of the opportunity that this mandate presents, community healthcare leaders began work in June to formulate a process to implement HIE in the Tulsa region. Mayor Kathy Taylor convened a meeting of healthcare leaders from across the Tulsa Region on June 8, to establish a dialog about the value of health information exchange and ways to improve the quality and access to care for all Tulsans.

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