Tulsa Hub Needs a Home

Tulsa Hub, a nonprofit bicycle resources center founded by vehicular cyclist Ren Barger, has to relocate by next month.
Its 12,000-SF facility at 216 N. Elgin Ave. is owned by the Tulsa Community Foundation and has been on loan to the organization for the past year. It was recently signed over to the Stadium Trust and will likely be developed into commercial property or razed for parking or green space.
Tulsa Hub seeks another location downtown, keeping it close in proximity to the people it serves, to continue its mission. It requires warehouse space and some office and/or retail space but doesn’t particularly need its current amount of space.
Tulsa Hub is a start-up nonprofit that donates bicycles to underprivileged children and adults with no other means of transportation. For the adults, the donated bicycles provide a way of getting to and from work.
The organization is in the midst of fundraising but hopes to have space donated or provided at a low cost. Barger encourages downtown property owners whose property is vacant to consider donating it, if not indefinitely, “to benefit the greater good.”
If you have space downtown you’re interesting in donating or renting, contact Barger at tulsahub@live.com or (918) 813-0028.

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