Tulsa International Airport Selects Baggage Handler

Quatrotec awarded a $5.64 million contract to replace six inbound baggage conveyors at Tulsa International Airport.
The existing inbound conveyor lines are nearing the end of their service life and will be replaced or refurbished, providing reliable operation to the airport for years to come.
Quatrotec will replace the inbound baggage conveyor system, which carries passenger baggage from aircraft to the east and west baggage claim areas.
The project involves replacing six inbound baggage conveyors and converting the existing stainless steel enclosed conveyor system on the east and west terminal connector bridges to a glass-panel enclosed system.
The glass panels will first be etched by an artist before installation by the Quatrotec team. The glass panels will permit passengers a unique view of the baggage as it travels across the connector bridges to the claim areas.
Quatrotec Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alien Technology Corp.

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