Tulsa Key to Franchise’s Growth Strategy

The Chicago-based Potbelly Sandwich Works announces its entrance into the Tulsa market.
“Our top priority with the franchising efforts in Tulsa will be to maintain the brand’s authentic vibe and heritage, the same approach we’ve always taken with our new corporate shops,” said John Morlock, senior vice president of operations.
Born from humble beginnings as an antique shop known for offering homemade sandwiches to its customers, Potbelly has grown from a single store on Chicago’s Lincoln Avenue to more than 200 corporate-owned locations in 10 years.
As Potbelly expands, Tulsa serves as an ideal market for the company’s franchising initiative, its spokespersons say. The close proximity to its current operations permits implementation of brand standards in operations, marketing and purchasing.
Potbelly will support its franchisees with training, both in and out of store, and franchisees will be outfitted with the company’s Hubbard Workshop, where eclectic store furniture and décor is created and obtained.
“Qualified married couples and life partner teams who are sincere about integrating Potbelly into the fabric of Tulsa communities are ideal franchisee candidates,” a release from Potbelly stated. “The new Potbelly locations will be a boon to Tulsa through investment dollars and job creation — not to mention the best sandwiches in town  

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