Tulsa ‘Logistically Friendly’ City

Tulsa is logistically friendly according to Logistics Today, a trade publication, which ranks the city as 36th in the nation in 2004, the latest figures available.
The city was ranked 56th in 2003, 73rd in 2002 and 76th in 2001 by the magazine.
Flanking Tulsa’s position was the Washington state area of Seattle, Bellevue and Everett at 35th and San Antonio was 37th.
Number one was the Ohio metropolitan area of Cleveland, Lorain and Elyria. Others in the top 10, in rank order, were St. Louis, Oakland, Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Houston, Kansas City, Baltimore, Detroit and New York.
Memphis, the home of FedEx with DHL opening a sorting center there came in 38th in the magazine’s ranking.
Others in the region are Dallas, ranked 25th and Fort Worth, 32nd.
Logistics Today has 10 criteria for ranking.
The categories and Tulsa’s rank in each are:
— Transportation and distribution climate, an overall look at the transportation and distribution sectors, number of firms, amount of revenue and revenue per employee, 59.
— Work force including cost and availability of employees and percentage of the overall work force engage in transportation and distribution, 116.
— Road infrastructure including road density, congestion, safety, 290.
— Road condition including conditions along interstate highways, major roads both urban and rural, bridges, auxiliary routes such as loops, 306
— Interstate highway rank, 54.
— Taxes and fees, including fuel taxes, 7.
— Railroads — number of railroads providing service, miles of track, tons of cargo and safety record, 30.
— Water transportation, 65.
— Air service, including passengers boarded and freight volume, 61.
The magazine noted that in comparing the ranking of the top 50 “the difference between, say No. 1 and No. 15 is probably negligible. Both are pretty darn good.”

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