Tulsa Research Partners’ Symposium Thursday

Tulsa Research Partners, an initiative of the Oklahoma Innovation Institute, holds a symposium Thursday, April 23, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at The University of Tulsa’s Keplinger Hall.
The event encourages discussion through breakout sessions focused on common research areas and to plant the seeds for productive collaboration.
Thursday’s symposium follows a kickoff meeting in March at Oklahoma State University-Tulsa where 147 researchers and corporations met to discuss objectives relating to multidisciplinary, collaborative research within the Tulsa region among the major research universities, healthcare, corporate and private sector research groups.
“Our meeting in March was an overwhelming indication of the need for multidisciplinary, collaborative research in the Tulsa region,” said Barry Davis, chairman of the Oklahoma Innovation Institute. “Now we are defining our research areas and setting specific goals.”
The Oklahoma Innovation Institute and Tulsa Research Partners is committed to supporting collaborative research among colleges, universities, and private sector research groups; facilitating technology transfer relating to a “Grow Your Own” start up company culture in the Tulsa region; and attracting new, major research dollars into the region.
Focused on multidisciplinary collaborations in information security, advanced materials, telecommunication, biotechnology, information technology and alternative energy sciences, TRP works to cultivate large-scale research collaborations of strategic interest to the federal government between The University of Tulsa, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa, Oklahoma State University-Tulsa, Tulsa Community College and research organizations in the private sector.

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