Tulsa Third in Markets Unprepared for TV Digital Switch

Tulsa is high on the list of markets not ready for the upcoming transition to all-digital broadcasting, according to the Nielsen Co.
Among the 56 local markets that Nielsen measures with electronic meters, the one that is least ready is Houston, with 15.8 percent of the households completely unready. Tulsa ranks third on that list at 14.1 percent. The most prepared market is Fort Meyers, with only 2.4 percent of homes unready.
Nationwide, more than 9 million households are unprepared for the digital transition and would be unable to receive any television programming at all if the transition occurred today. Another 12.6 million households have at least one television set that will no longer work when the digital transition occurs, meaning that nearly one in five U.S. households are either partially or completely unready for the transition.
Under government-mandated action, all television stations are required to switch to digital programming by Feb. 17, which will leave viewers without a television signal unless they purchase digital television sets, connect to cable, satellite, and alternate delivery systems or purchase a converter box.
In research paper released Wednesday, Nielsen reports the number of fully unprepared homes decreased 1.4 percentage points from May 1 to Sept. 1, leaving 8.4 percent of all U.S. households still completely unready.

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